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NLP RENO is focused on helping people overcome their challenges and expand their thinking and capabilities; 
to inspire, educate and empower others into Creating a Compelling Life®️ in any way they choose.

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Ron Williams’ personal and professional development experience and expertise spans 25 years. Ron served as a United States Marine from 87-91 and received many high honors including a Special Commendation from the Commanding General for his dedicated investigative work as a military policeman. Additionally, Ron served in Desert Storm, in the Gulf war and received several honors including the distinguished service medal. After serving in the military, Ron was challenged to find himself while transitioning back into society from the military. This was an excellent opportunity to use his available resources to educate himself in law enforcement and attended the Police Academy and became a reserve police officer. 

Ron made a decision in 1995 to transition out of law enforcement into sales soon after being a witness to acts of violence on citizens without cause. This is not something that he could respect nor want to participate in as a law enforcement officer.

This left Ron feeling depressed and anxious about his future and he had to really search within himself to find what it is that he was truly wanted which was overcoming the negative emotions and limitations he felt from his past experience and to help others and be a positive presence on the planet.

In 1997, Ron made a significant change and started pursuing further knowledge in reading books and writing. He began to get back to his roots by using his imagination and dream through the use of reading, writing and exercise to ground and center himself to understand exactly what he wanted his life to look like and started taking action on it. In the same year Ron met his life partner Jason at a local coffee shop and they started pursuing their mutual interests and enjoying hobbies together and that is where their story began.

In 1999, Ron attended a 2 day seminar called the The Secret to Creating your Future through the recommendation of a good friend. This seminar transformed him and assisted him in releasing his past negative emotions and understanding that he could create exactly what he wanted in his future by learning and using these simple techniques. 

In 2002, Ron decided to to transform his life by attending the NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainers Training in succession and become certified to assist others in learning and training them in this knowledge to achieve their own desired results they are searching for.

Ron's certifications and expertise include Board Approved Certifications as a Certified Trainer of NLP, Time Line Therapy™ Trainer, Coaching Trainer, Instructor of Hypnosis and Master NLP Coach. Ron is now an NLP Master Trainer Candidate which when completed he will certified as an expert in the top of this field. Ron believes this achievement will be one of his greatest accomplishments in his life.

In 2007, Ron was hired as Director of a small 30 year retail business, in which he endured and overcame many challenges in its operations. Ron, saw an opportunity with his partner, and made some significant changes to the business model and reinvented & rebranded the market positioning of the business establishment. With the help of their team, these changes have grown the company, into a relevant and healthy, positive community based business that significantly regained its profitability through the country's greatest recession period. 

When Ron was asked what is important to him in the midst of overcoming solutions to the challenges he faces? he states:

“I am passionate about helping people improve their lives in any way I can! To see people be happy and fulfilled by helping them see their lives from a new place of opportunity. Everyday we can do something to change and grow and learn how to be better in whatever way we choose. It starts with a decision! You can be, do, or have anything you want in life. Start now!!!”

Jason Irvine, ma-mft, nlp trainer


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Jason Irvine is an extraordinary business entrepreneur and multi-business owner here in Reno Nevada and has enjoyed a successful career in the retail industry. Jason was born in Reno Nevada and enjoys the natural beauty and lush environment - where many enjoy the hiking, skiing and outdoor life. 

Jason has a passion for assisting individuals and organizations with creating their goals and dreams. As co-owner of NLP RENO in beautiful Reno, Nevada, he enjoys using his skills as a business owner, trainer and master coach to encourage and inspire people in Creating A Compelling Life®  of their dreams.

In 1996 Jason moved to Southern California with his family to pursue his higher education in Business Information Technology and eventually his Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy.

In 1997, he met his esteemed partner Ron Williams. They have been practically inseparable ever since, enjoying nearly 20 years of together aligning their dreams and passions of further develop themselves and creating the life they always dreamed of.

In 1999, Jason also attended a 2 day seminar in NLP and Time Line Therapy™, and found both to be life transforming. This helped him to release many negative emotions on experiences he had growing up and assisted him in changing the way he related to his life and others.

In 2002, Jason was certified as a trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), certified as a Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy® and certified as a master hypnotherapist. Jason continued his self mastery and subsequently graduated with a Bachelors in Information Technology in 2003 from University of Phoenix. A few years later in 2006, Jason achieved a Master’s Degree Psychologyfrom Alliant International University’s California School of Professional Psychology in San Diego. 

After the passing of his father in 2007, Jason took over his 30 year family business. Jason and Ron worked to transform their newly acquired business concept to bring it into the modern era and continue its success into the future.

Jason is a NLP Master Trainer candidate which is a 5 year mentoring program, and when he has completed his qualifications for certification he will be certified as an expert in the top of this field. Jason is a certified Mentor, a published author in several books, and is a featured speaker in the 2016 documentary film The Knowing. 


Ron Williams and Jason Irvine are published authors and have been featured speakers in the documentary film   The Knowing .

Ron Williams and Jason Irvine are published authors and have been featured speakers in the documentary film The Knowing.

Discomfort becomes expansion when you become what your not!
— Ron Williams - President & Trainer, NLP RENO

Ron and Jason are both passionate individuals and have been together for 20 years. They enjoy the connection and mutual passion they both have for continually learning and developing themselves and pursuing their dreams by teaching others they can change any circumstance and any limitations they may be experiencing by overcoming the solutions to their problems through learning and using these advanced human change technologies. 


What board certified means and why its important

Board Certification means that NLP RENO, Ron Williams and Jason Irvine have attained the highest level of skill and training by meeting or exceeding specific set standards when certified and have maintained compliance with the highest integrity and ethics in our training and coaching standards and have paid all fees for membership. 

Since these world-wide standards are voluntary, you want to ensure that the Training Institute you are choosing is Approved with the seal of the ABNLP, Time Line Therapy™ and The American Board of Hypnotherapy, this way you can be sure that these highest standards & level of excellence has been subscribed to by our Training Institute.