so what do we do exactly?

Its Not about what we can do
what we believe you can do!
— You are absolutely magnificent just as you are!

We are absolutely nuts....
About What You can Achieve!


We specialize in training and coaching individuals just like you in the art and science of Neuro-linguistic programming and time line therapy™, hypnosis and nlp coaching.


What we do, is for the purpose of facilitating your: 

  • INSPIRATION: We can inspire, educate, and coach you utilizing The Greatest Process and Technology for Creating a Compelling Life® on the planet!
  • EMPOWERMENT: We can assist you in making the shift from being at EFFECT (blaming people, events, and circumstances outside of you) and instead getting AT CAUSE (realizing there is no blame and taking the feedback for creating everything that occurs in your experience, consciously or unconsciously). This is true empowerment and required for you to reclaim your personal power.
  • FOCUS TRAINING: We can teach you how to turn the 6 methods of focus from being a scattered light bulb, going this way and that way with no real aligned or purposeful direction, and how to transform your focus into a laser aimed at what you DO want instead of what you DO NOT want.
  • CLEARING UP OF PAST MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL "STUFF": Seriously! OK, think about this for a moment: If you were driving down the street and someone were to throw a bag of stinky garbage that you don't want into your car, what would you immediately do? Ok, maybe not the first thing you'd do or want to do, but after those things you'd STOP and LET GO OF THE "STUFF" THAT ISN'T SERVING YOU and then continue to proceed onward to where you want to go! Right? Why then is it so difficult for people to stop and let go of their mental and emotional garbage? What do most people do instead? They leave the garbage in their car, they keep it, hold onto it, they blame someone else for putting it there, they focus on it, they show it off to their friends, they identify with it, they create stories about how it is responsible for holding them back, they join a support group with people who have the same.....Ok you get where we are going, don't you? Anyway.... Everyone who knows how to drive a car knows how to slow down, pull over, and stop, and clean out the garbage. What most people don't know is how to pull over the vehicle of their mind and do the same thing. We can teach you how to mentally STOP and throw out that "crap" and how to remove those old past unresolved negative emotions (such as anger, fear, sadness, hurt, guilt, shame to name a few) and limiting decisions (such as "I'm not good enough" or "I don't deserve to have what I want") - that used hold you back from stepping out of your comfort zone and start making the changes that you can make to Create a Compelling Life® for yourself.
  • VALUES ALIGNMENT: We can teach you how to become conscious of your Values or what is important to you about various contexts in your life. Values are what is important to you and determine how you spend your time and resources. Values also dictate what you will strive to acquire resources you don't currently have in order to obtain. Values are also unconscious criteria that determine how you will evaluate your behaviors after the fact in terms of good or bad or right versus wrong. Can you see or does it make sense to you how important and valuable it will be to one of the few people who consciously know what their values are in all areas of life, and going a step further, have decided to align all of their values, like a giant laser, toward a common goal?



We are simply the guides, this is all a Do It Yourself process. We don't DO anything TO you! What is more important than what we do, during a training or during a coaching session with you, are the shifts we can inspire you to make in your model-of-the world or in how you think. We want you to begin to think about your "thinking" and how it is currently serving you, or not. You simply cannot consciously change something you are not conscious of until you become conscious that you are unconsciously doing it!

Most people who come to a NLP training or seek out NLP coaching are looking to improve one or more contexts of their life (such as career or relationships) such that they have what they want in those areas of life. Yet, more often than not when asked "what do you want in....", many people have absolutely no clue what they DO want, and can talk for an hour or more about all the things they DO NOT want. Unbeknown to them, the more they focus on and talk about and give energy to what they DO NOT want, the more they create those very things in their experience.

So what we do is show people, just like you, the process for:

  • getting at cause
  • taking personal responsibility for where you are at in life
  • getting specific as to what you actually DO want in life and where you are headed
  • how to direct all aspects of your focus, state, physiology, and behavior toward that goal (as if it were a strong enough laser to cut through a block of steel)
  • how to eliminate and clear your "stuff" (such as past unresolved negative emotions, limiting decisions, and other incongruent behaviors that held you back)
  • how to model or re-create excellence (in terms of mental attitude, perceptions, emotional states, and external behaviors) which is required for you to Create a Compelling Life®️ in any context of life you choose

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