What is NLP Coaching?

The PROCESS of seeing and responding to your life from a compelling perspective you haven't thought of yet!

A developmental ongoing interaction between two people,
the Coach and the Client which assists the Client to develop his/her capabilities,
achieve his/her goals and objectives and produce successful results.

Why NLP Coaching?

People seek NLP Coaching to get assistance with 3 major areas or outcomes:


Increased and Enhanced performance

Future performance

  1. Ultimately every company's success depends on the performance of its people. There is no substitute for human performance. 
  2. The more highly performing a person is, the more they get paid, the more they are successful and rewarded.
  3. Coaching is an imperative for the success of an organization as well as of individuals
  4. Coaching brings the best out of people, sharpens and perfects their already acquired skills as individuals, n teams and ultimately in the whole organization
  5. Coaching has a great contribution to the fulfillment of a need or encouragement of the progress of an individual for a specific effort or purpose in the fact that brings the best out of the individual for the achievement of strategic significant projects.
  6. Coaching can assist in the growth and development of the professionals and leaders of tomorrow and certainly assists tremendously in enhancing productivity, improve job satisfaction and job longevity.
  7. Emotional well-being, awareness of emotions and ability to deal with them makes the difference between career stagnation or even failure and success and achievement --it can make or break a career. 
  8. Emotional balance and positive emotion are directly related to the ability to be productive, resourceful and effective
  9. Coaching stimulates individuality --it allows the clients or clients to decide for themselves the best approach in solving heir problems, how to interact with their bosses, managers, customers, how tot work individually or in teams, and ultimately how to proceed in their personal development. 
  10. People are paid first for what they do. But as you move up the scale of corporate pay and responsibility, you do less. In business often, the more you do the less you make. The highest paid people in business are paid for creating and holding in their mind the concept of the organization. 

How to use NLP Coaching:

The NLP Coaching process uses a specific set of skills and tools and helps you build more control over inner capabilities (conscious - unconscious integration) thus creating a compelling and achievable future with the focus on your outcomes. The NLP Coaching Process is about understanding your Past as a framework for the present and creating the future.

Here are some specific ways that many clients have used NLP Coaching to support their development. 

Accepting Change, Adaptability issues, Anger Management, Career Development, Communicating Emotions, Communicating issues, Conflict Resolution, Decision Making, Leadership, Learning issues, Mediation, Modeling Excellence, Motivation (Self & Others), Negotiation Skills, Negative Emotions, Phobias, Performance Enhancement, Presentation Skills, Procrastination, Relationship Issues, Self-Esteem Issues, Social Skills, Stage Fright, Stress Management, Test Anxiety, Time Management, Work-Life Balance

Here are some specific context areas that many clients seek coaching in


  • Increase your income
  • Discover and live your true passion
  • Comfortably transition and align your values, and get you to the next level
  • Set and accomplish any Career goals
  • Make smooth Career Transitions

Health and Fitness 

  • Losing weight / Gaining weight
  • Let go of any Compulsion/Phobia
  • Negative emotions
  • Set and accomplish any Health and fitness goals
  • Improve Health / Eat Healthy and learn how to maintain it for life
  • Improve energy and mood
  • Eliminate physical symptoms of Chronic Pain
  • Stop smoking

Personal Development / Growth

  • Release unwanted behaviors / Stopping negative patterns
  • Values Alignment - Values drive us, this is how you spend your time
  • Removing blocks, limitations and/or obstacles that prevent you from being / having / doing what you want to help you live the life you want to live.
  • Setting and accomplishing any personal goal for an empowered life
  • Stress Reduction
  • Making more expansive, self actualizing choices
  • Moving forward and releasing obstacles to being stuck in a specific area or context