In Simple Terms,What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

nlp is about all of those things!!!

NLP is a collection of powerful methods and techniques
for producing personal excellence.

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NLP Made Perfectly clear (Our way of "NLP Simplified")

There are many ways of defining NLP "out there", and that depends upon which branch or school of NLP you ask. We believe that any definition which results in a resounding "WHAT?!" is probably not the most functional definition in layman's terms. We explain NLP as the study of excellence and....

NLP Model of communication

The NLP Model of Communication. 

The NLP Model of Communication. 

Our focus is made up of very specific information or communication within us based on the internal pictures, sounds, feelings, tastes, smells, and self-talk which altogether forms an internal representation (IR) in our mind, coupled with our state and physiology, produces our behavior and therefore our results (see Figure 1). As illustrated in the diagram to the right. An external (or internal) event comes into the neurology....

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NLP is "the technology to create your future"

Read a chapter from one of our published books, "The Power Of Imagination" where the authors discuss how NLP explains how your IMAGINATION is "the technology" to create your future.