What is Hypnosis?
Your Conscious mind is the goal setter,
Your Unconscious mind is the goal getter!

Trance, is the state in which hypnosis takes place. Trance is a normal occurrence that we are in quite frequently in our normal daily activities. For example, when we are watching television or driving our car. Or, when you realize that you have arrived at your destination and you didn't remember how you got there consciously. You've experienced that, Right? That is your unconscious mind taking over and driving you there without having to remember everything consciously.

We have all had something like this happen in our lives at one time or another. It is a completely normal and natural process that happens daily. Whether your experience is conscious or not we know that most of our life is lived unconsciously, meaning that we have patterns we are experiencing in our life, we learned at some point in our past. Many people experience things they want to change, but have you ever tried to change something consciously? A bad habit or just a behavior that you want to modify in some way?

If you do or have, then you will need to change it at the unconscious level in order to affect any real change on a permanent basis. This requires having a level of rapport with your unconscious mind and giving it clear instructions. Here let me explain...

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happen unconsciously! So the real question is...how do we access unconscious mind to make these changes we want to make. Wait a minute!

Did you know you have an unconscious mind?

Your unconscious mind is the part of you your not aware of right now! It is the part of you that runs all of your unconscious processes inside you, like your heartbeat, your breathing, your bodily functions, and your memories.

You did breathe last night while you were sleeping, didn't you? Or let me ask you, what is your phone number? Well if you remembered it just now, where was that just before I asked you? You weren't walking around all day repeating your phone number, were you? No. It was stored in your unconscious memory...because you weren't consciously thinking about it before I asked you. It is vitally important for your future to understand that you have a conscious mind and an unconscious mind, do you know why? Because it gives you a valuable understanding of what you have access to in order to make the changes you want to make for yourself.

You do have things you want to change don't you? Then wouldn't it be important for you to understand how you create your own behavior? How valuable would it be to you to be able to change something that has been difficult for you to change and have it be the way you want it permanently?

Many people have things they want to change, for example: 

  • starting or stopping a behavior
  • increasing their income
  • losing weight / gaining weight
  • eating healthy / becoming fit
  • stop smoking or drinking
  • achieving a goal in the future
  • leaving an abusive relationship
  • living the life that you always dream about
  • releasing whatever is holding you back

These are just a few examples, and no matter what it is, we must release the unconscious programming that is not serving us, if we are not getting the results we want currently. The problem is when we do not have rapport with our unconscious mind. Milton Erickson said "Patients are patients because they are out of rapport with their own Unconscious". We must have a connection with our unconscious mind, in order to utilize it for our best benefit. Hypnosis is the process we can use to create the connection we wish to have with our unconscious mind. This implies that the mind has a connection with the body.

The mind-body connection was validated by the scientific field, one source is by Deepak Chopra where he talks about this in his book, Quantum Healing (1991), that what we hold in our mind affects all the cells in our body all the time through neuro-transmitters. This has several implications to consider, such as when we hold specific beliefs in our unconscious, as we learned above that all learnings occur and are held at the unconscious level, then our neurology must behave in the way it learned. So if for example a person has a belief about health, the unconscious mind as part of it's design, must produce what we hold as true because it is designed to produce what we focus on.


The fascinating thing about our unconscious mind is that it is taking care of all our internal processes and bodily functions and sensations, as we mentioned earlier. So its ability is limitless in terms of what it has access to and can create in terms of responses. It does this through the use of electrical impulses that pass through our neurons. Neurotransmitters connect all neurons in the body forming electrical circuitry to assist us in the passing of vital information we need to create behavior.

Deepak Chopra describes this as our immune system is constantly eaves dropping on our internal dialogue, so therefore it can also pay attention to the pictures, sounds, feeling tastes and smells that we are experiencing as well. Since our unconscious mind is in charge of all of our bodily processes this concludes that the immune system is regulated by it as well through the communication of neurotransmitters throughout the body. This also comes from the point of view we discussed with in the NLP Communication model .