The Internal Representation that we just described in the NLP Communication Model Part 1 is related to and intimately coupled with a state, at which point is then is related to and intimately coupled with our physiology that leads to a behavior

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State: Internal Feeling State

The Internal Representation is related to and is intimately coupled with a state, or an internal feeling state. This could be a motivated state, a happy state, a sad state, or a frustrated or annoyed state. 

You've probably selected one of these state emoticons when texting or messaging a friend or sending a social media post. Why? Probably because just the words themselves (only about 7% of communication by the way) didn't provide enough information in and of themselves without conveying what state you were in at the time.

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The internal feeling state is then coupled with and related to our physiology, which is also related to and intimately coupled with the internal representation.

Physiology refers to what it is we are doing with our physical body, are we seated, are we laying down, are we hunched over with a curved spine, or are we standing upright with a straight spine and shoulders back. Different "physiologies" are associated with particular feeling states. For example. Feeling sad is more likely associated with being hunched over with a curved spine or laying down in a fetal position. Feeling excited or motivated is more likely associated with standing up with an erect spine and shoulders back and eyes looking forward or up.

A quick NLP technique to changing or getting out of a stuck or negative state is simply to change your physiology, to stand up, put your shoulders back, look up and even put more attention on your peripheral vision rather than foveal vision.



The entire package that we just described, the entire process of creating our focus: our Internal Representation (the pictures, sounds, feelings, tastes, smells, and self-talk) coupled with our state and our physiology, is the entire package that we can label as the FOCUS that creates our behavior. 

And our behavior is what we use to create our future!

The Internal Representation we hold in our head is very important. Because if you hold a focus on negative “stuff”, you’ll get negative behavior and results!

The problem is not so much that you’ll get negative results, its that you’ll get the results that you focus on. So if you focus on: not enough money, guess what there will be? Not enough money! If you focus on money, guess what you’ll get? Abundance. If you focus on Total Health, you’ll get total health. If you focus on the absence of dis-ease, what you’ll get is dis-ease.

Sorry, but being positive isn't enough folks, your entire neurology is designed to create that which you focus on! Positively or negatively....So use this awareness to create the changes you want in your life in ALL contexts by shifting your focus on what you want!