In Loving Memory of Jennifer T. Irvine.

I will love you every step my dear beloved beautiful sister #VegasStrong #JenniferIrvine

I will love you every step my dear beloved beautiful sister #VegasStrong #JenniferIrvine

We miss you Jennifer Topaz Irvine!

We miss you Jennifer Topaz Irvine!













Welcome to NLP RENO!

Located in the pristine beauty of the Sierra Nevada Mountains,
We are a professional coaching and training certification institute specializing in, 
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)Time Line Therapy™️(TLT), Hypnosis, and NLP Coaching. 

What is NLP RENO?

We provide professional seminars, NLP certification trainings, and NLP Coaching to groups and individuals who are looking to create empowering changes and results in your life. 

We are board certified by the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™️ (ABNLP), Time Line Therapy Association™️ (TLTA™️) , as well as the
American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH™).

What does all that mean?...we assist people just like you - to make changes within yourself at the unconscious level that "stick". We show you how you create your behavior from a process or structure standpoint so you can clear anything from your past that may prevent you from having what you want.

Specifically, we can assist you in understanding the process for clearing past negative emotions, limiting decisions/beliefs or conflicts at the unconscious level where it will align you with creating a compelling life®️ for yourself.

1-855-nlp-reno (657-7366)

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Why do people like you learn NLP?

This information can be applied to practically any field of human endeavor, such as Business, Education, Therapy and many others.

Here are some specific areas that many students find important when seeking training with us:


  • Increasing income
  • Increasing results in sales
  • Developing and deepening relationships with current or future clients
  • Tools for understanding your clients motivations and needs
  • How to add value and fulfill your clients values and results
  • Lack of motivation
  • Gaining more resourceful strategies
  • Discovering and living your true passion
  • Comfortably transitioning and aligning your values to get you to the next level you are seeking
  • Setting and accomplishing any Career goals
  • Making a smooth Career Transition / Career changes

Health and Fitness 

  • Losing weight / Gaining weight
  • Letting go of any Compulsions/Phobias
  • Negative emotions
  • Setting and accomplishing any Health and fitness goals
  • Improving Health / Eating Healthy and learning how to maintain it for life
  • Improving energy and mood
  • Eliminating physical symptoms of Chronic Pain
  • Stopping smoking

Personal Development / Growth

  • Releasing unwanted behaviors / Stopping negative patterns
  • Values Alignment - Values drive us, this is how you spend your time
  • Removing blocks, limitations and/or obstacles that prevent you from being / having / doing what you want to help you live the life you want to live.
  • Setting and accomplishing any personal goal for an empowered life
  • Stress Reduction
  • Improving Communication with yourself and others
  • Making more expansive, self actualizing choices
  • Moving forward and releasing obstacles / Feeling stuck with no options



  • What it means to take 100% responsibility for everything in your life
  • What "values" are, and what is important to you
  • What S-M-A-R-T goals are and how to create them, so they are achievable
  • What the process is for eliminating past negative emotions linked to past memories, that are not in alignment with what you want
  • What the procedure is for eliminating limiting beliefs and decisions, and what doubt really is
  • What the process is for Creating a Compelling Life® through creating new memories for your future
  • What it means to align your thinking and your behaviors to be in total congruency with your goals
  • What playing everything at 100% means for your life more about what is NLP more about what is TLT


Experience NLP and TLT first hand for the purpose of:

  • Identifying and understanding how to break through your comfort zone
  • What creates your focus and therefore your results 
  • Understanding the mind-body connection 
  • Introduction to values and how they drive your behavior
  • Discovering your personal Time Line and what's in your future
  • How to set compelling goals and achieve them each time using Creating Your Future™ techniques
  • Introduction to the Time Line Therapy process
  • Letting go of past negative emotions 
  • How to let go of anxiety in minutes
  • Letting go of limiting decisions / beliefs
  • How to eliminate an unwanted future


  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Time Line Therapy™
  • Values - Motivation
  • Goals 
  • Past negative emotions
  • Anxiety
  • Limiting decisions and beliefs
  • Creating A Compelling Life® 


Become a Certified Practitioner of NLP and use your NLP applications across:

  • all modes of business, including sales and communication
  • Learning and educational coaching
  • Business and personal coaching
  • Personal growth and change
  • Performance enhancement and relationship coaching

Have an in-depth understanding of:

  • Understand the basis of NLP- principals and starting points
  • Discover fundamental beliefs to empower Mind Mastery, not Mind Slavery
  • Identify and take control of the intricate connections between your mind, emotions, and behavior
  • Understand how you learn, communicate, change, and evolve
  • Rapport- how to create instant liking and agreement
  • Representational Systems- how we use our five senses to represent information from the world internally
  • Submodalities- the secret programming software of your mind
  • Language patterns- the words you use to demonstrate your intellectual attributes and personal characteristics
  • Anchoring- how to control your feelings and your state of mind
  • Strategies- how to control your mental processes to create specific results
  • Parts - how to detect and stop inner conflicts


What if you have questions we haven't answered, yet. 

If you would like to speak with one of your trainers at NLP RENO to get answers to your important questions, please call us M-F 8am-5pm at (855) NLP-RENO (1-855-657-7366). For your convenience you can also fill out our contact page and someone on our team will call you back during business hours.

To enroll, you can submit your contact information to us by completing the enrollment form and one of your trainers will call you back as soon as we can to complete your enrollment and discuss the details with you.