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Why NLP RENO? This is the CUP

This is about the Why - What do I need to say to connect to the audiences personal experience and motivate them to want to learn and to use this topic or technique? Firing off a boat load of WHY'S until your whole audience = WANTS, DESIRES, VALUES what you are going to teach. No less than 15%-20% of FORMAT presentation should be about WHY. If you get any why questions, you have not covered enough WHY. 

WHAT - the second you say HOW you are not in what anymore (This is the CONTENT)

WHAT are you talking about? What do you mean by? What information do they need about the topic or technique? This is WHAT the technique is; this is WHAT the technique does; this is WHERE it came from = Digital INFORMATION. What is it designed for? What is this stuff? The INFORMATION; or DEFINITION of what it is that you are teaching.

NOTE: Everything goes in the WHAT. except MOTIVATION STUFF. the HOW to do it; and the WHAT if section

Cover a 1-2 sentence WHAT before the whole presentation starts. 
Indicators (of just enough) = anyone that was not paying attention; is now paying attention. You are looking for the Light switch to turn on. Indicators (of too much) = When you have gone too FAR with WHAT = people start getting BORED!!!

How - (How to use the technique)

Will I demo? What exercise will we do?

The How person needs to DO the exercise in order to GET it. This person will say to you "I would like to have more exercises." This person will say "I really didn't get it, until after we did the exercise." This is a SERIES OF STEPS. HERE is What you Need to DO. Pragmatic STEPS of this is HOW you DO it. 

STEPS, DEMO, EXERCISE = all part of the HOW
Indicators (of not enough) = if the exercise does not succeed. Do it again. Stay on HOW, until they get it. 
Indicators (of just enough) = when 95% of people succeed@ exercise.
Indicator = There is a "GO", "NO GO" Point @ every FORMAT cycle & it is @ the HOW. HOW is the most important "GO", "NO GO" Point @ every FORMAT Cycle.

You may find out by asking: What did you learn? What do I need to Know? What questions do you have?

What if - Questions

What did you learn? what questions do you have? What do I need to know? What other information do they need to succeed at the technique? Future Pace, acquisition strategy. 

The WHAT IF person = needs to EXPRESS it = just as much as the HOW person needs to DO the exercise the WHAT IF is successful = determined by the questions people are asking. 

Immediately as part of the Exercise, you are in the WHAT IF. For a while, you will NEED to cover most of the WHAT IF. Once your students get going, you will not need to prepare the WHAT IF If you have done the FORMAT correctly --- WHY, WHAT, HOW --- then the WHAT IF section will come from the Questions from your students.

WHAT did you LEARN = is vital to having people integrate what you have just done. "HOW Can you USE This @ HOME" = and sit there until the students start coming up with stuff. "What if you used this with every single client you have."